Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Crocheted Birthdays

Good Morning, my crochet friends!
I might as well get up and face the day since I have been up before daylight today.
Thankfully, we didn't get dumped on with this winter storm.
WV is a little snowy, thats it.

The reason for my post today?
My Mom's Birthday gifts that I crocheted.

She asked me to make her a scarf, she had no suggestions so I made what I like. I also made her a set of 6 coasters with their own little bowl to hold them in.

Here are a few pictures....

I made the scarf with one skein of Red Heart Mulberry Mix. I softened it in vinegar, hair shampoo and conditioner. Once dry it was so soft. I think she is going to love it, its just a simple V-stitch.

Here are a few pics of the coasters....

Finally finished!

The coasters have a pattern from The Green DragonFly...

There is no pattern for the little bowl. I had to make it up myself.
I used Peaches and Creme cotton yarn for the coasters and bowl. It took one ball. 

I am super happy with everything and I think she is going to love it.
Both items were quick and easy.


I'll be back later with more yarny stuff!
Thanks for visiting with me today!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

How I made Red Heart Silky Smooth (well, as much as it can be)

Hey Everyone!

I had a quick notion and I wanted to talk to you about it.

You know how cheap Red Heart feels. Acrylic yarn isn't the best against your skin but if you are like me, and have to crochet on a budget, you find yourself buying this money saving yarn from time to time.

My moms birthday is the last day of Jan. She asked me back at Christmas if I would crochet her a scarf. She gave me total liberty. It took me a minute to find a pattern but I did.

Its a simple V-stitch (which happens to be my favorite at the moment) and I used Red Heart Mulberry Mix. 
This yarn is really pretty. Soft (haha) muted tones of plum, lilac, mauve and a periwinkle. Its really muted and I wanted to make her something that looked pretty as well as warm.

The only suggestion she made? Not to make the scarf too long. She doesn't want it to hang down too far. 

Well, here it is.

Aren't the stitch and the colors gorgeous. I put it in the natural light so you can see how pretty it is. Camera is pretty close. Kinda, lol

Ok, reason for this post.

I went searching the net for a way to make this yarn soft. I came across this post. 

The "recipe" she made up uses vinegar, regular shampoo and conditioner. Thats it.
There are a few rules.
No agitation, cold water, soak but it only took about 3 hrs total including the soaking. I laid it out and blocked it on my ironing board and this morning it was dry. Don't wring! Use a towel! You don't want to break the fibers in the yarn.

Lookin Good!

It turned out really soft.
I think my mom is going to love it. Who wouldn't love a handmade gift by someone who loves you best in the world?

This softening of the yarn worked for me.


I can't afford $20.00 hanks of gorgeous hand spun yarn. 

One more thing, 

I have to ask you all, because I am so new that I don't know who puts out the best deals, Idk the yarn mills or even the online sites. Plus, I live in a one redlight town, with no stores (seriously, a Go Mart, DG, and Rite Aide) I don't drive and the nearest Wally World is almost hr away. :-(

Your help would help me so much!
Since I have been linking up my projects I have had new visitors. 
That's the reason I asked.
Surely, someone will leave me some advice.

Have a great evening, and rest of the weekend!

Happy Hookin!

Just finished! Crocheted Seat or Stool

Are you having a lazy Sunday?
I am.
Today I decided to finish all those little finishing things that seem to pile up.

My convo with you today? What just came off my hook. 
Yup, another project completed. This one took 2 days. 
I am very satisfied with the results.

Sometimes I worry when I post things that I've made, people have their magnifying glass out. I know thats probably not true. I guess its just insecurity in my crochet skills. Although, I have passed up my friends who crochet and I can do most beginner patterns. I am happy with that.
Hey! 5 months ago or so I couldn't crochet at all. So I think I have made some great progress. I have had some great teachers along the way.
If it wasn't for Bloglovin and the crochet sites, I would never of realized there was a whole online world of people who loves to crochet as much as I do. 
So many patterns, So little time.

Ok, here is my Ta-Dah moment for the day.

I rescued this old wooden square stool from beside the road. Brought it home, put some wood glue in the joints and it was good as new. The top was a little beat up though so I took to Pinterest to see what I could find in the covered stool section.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised with all the crochet eye candy but there wasn't really any free patterns I could find. Now, if I wanted to just sc a simple square I could have done that. My creative genius would not let me be that simple though. Oh no, I had to weave!

Here is my inspiration. (all but the little tassel do-dads) 

Her's is adorable but I didn't want all those colors and I am trying to use up 2 colors that I just cant seem to find anything to go with. Nothing I want to crochet anyway.

Here is mine....

Not to shabby, eh?
It covers well, was easy enough and it fits on tight. 
Its a celery green (Red Heart) and some kind (it was in a bin with no wrapper) of DK light in a lt brown.

Here is a few pictures of my progress along the way...

I made about 40 individual strips of foundationless dc. I had never done it without chaining so I learned something new. I try to do that with all my projects. If you don't learn new things all of your work is going to have the same look and style. Thats NOT for me. (Although, I love my grannys and motifs).

All woven together. I could have crocheted a basket weave stitch here but I didn't want to have to fool with all the color changes but as you can see, I still had a ton of ends to weave in.

It just took a sc all the way around to join the strips, then dc your way (remember to DC2TOG) that way you have a nice fit. 

On the inspiration photo she just left her's loose around the bottom. I wanted mine to have some hold to it so I made mine to fight tight around the seat of the stool.

Here are a few of my finished stool.
Great progress today!

I am very please with myself today. Looking at the pictures I can tell that I need to slide some of the strips over a tad but all in all it turned out lovely. My old camera just doesn't do this upcycled stool any good. 
I promise, soon as I can, new camera.

Thanks to Atty's! The site is loaded with photos. Its very descriptive. If you decide to make one let your imagination go. This is a project can can be finished in a day. I got tripped up on the last strip. I crocheted it backwards 4 times. Got aggravated, put it away last night with only a strip and 3 rows of dc to go. Sometimes its best to quit while I am ahead. I will start tearing it out. (sigh) It happens. 

I hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend. 
Our weather report says we are battening down the hatches, snow storm tonight.

I know where I'll be.
In front of the fire with granny on my hook.

Thanks for visiting!
Happy Hookin!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Heart Dishcloth or Doily

A Doily for Valentines Day

I know I am posting a lot today but its link day and I have to do them separate.

Since Valentine's Day will be here before we know it, I decided to make a few heart things. I don't do hearts, they aren't in my home decor nor do I wear them. I thought this was too pretty, though. Something about cotton yarn and doily's I love. 

The pattern is from Maggies Crochet. Its called Heart Dishcloth. Although, I am not going to use mine for this. It has way too many holes for me to do dishes with, and its way to pretty.

This was the easiest pattern. Seriously, make it. You will get tons of satisfaction when its done. It lays perfect.

I used Peaches and Creme for this.
I made blue because its what I had on hand, plus it matches my living room. 
I just love it.

My heart is not sewn in the middle yet but thats all thats left. Isnt it pretty? A variegated pink would be gorgeous!

Here is the pic and the tutorial from Maggie's Crochet on YouTube.

(thats part one, there are 4, for right hand)
This is a great tutorial if you don't make doily's. I don't but I want to.
Tatting and doily's are a lost art. If I don't learn, they may never be made again!

I hope you love it. 
I do!

Happy Hookin!

Heart Filet Block 2

Good Afternoon!

I am trying to get my projects all together so I can link them up on Pattern Paradise's site today. Gotta love link love.

The other day I posted about the Heart Filet Crochet Block from I'm Hooked!

With a little time I got the second block done.

Here is how its supposed to look with the link....

Here is mine...(its not blocked, nor are the ends woven in yet) I am not sure what I am going to do with these. Any ideas?

At least you can see the heart! This one was easier for me, less counting I suppose. It was easy and very nice to crochet.

Here are both of them....

Happy Valentine's Day to me and too you!

Have a great rest of the day!

Happy Hookin!

I've Been Featured on Pattern Paradise!

Good Afternoon my friends!

I am have something exciting to share with you. 

As you may know I have not been crocheting that long. Thats kinda the point of this blog. We don't start out knowing how to crochet. It takes time, learning and patience.
I love to share my work, yes, some of its wonky, but if I can't share it with you then who?

A little while ago I posted about my finished garden/yarn bag. I love the idea of all the link love and I always post one if I have a new project to share.
Well, I just got a surprise!

I have been featured on Pattern Paradise and Crystallized Design as one of the most viewed project of the week!
I put so much work into that bag and there it is, looking right at me!

I want to say thanks to the host Maria and Crystallized Design for posting my project. 

Thanks to all of you who were interested enough to click on it.

Here is my bag....Its from Yarnspirations.


Here is my button! I am so proud of it!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
Made my day!

Thanks for being here with me today and sharing in my crochet glow.

Happy Hookin!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Crochet Books for a Donation

I wanted to show you what I got today.
I had to drag myself out in the cold weather to pay bills so I decided to stop at our local library and see what they had in the crochet section. Sadly, there wasn't many. On my way out the door there was this table set up with all these books for sale for a donation. 
To my surprise there were 2 crochet books on the table. 
I immediately scooped them up. 
I paid $.50 for both plus some extra for the library kittys and turtles. Not too bad! I got a great deal and our library made a little $ and made more room for books. Now I can love them like I love all my books. All books need a good home. I can only hope that they replace the 2 I purchased with more crochet books!

The first one is called Crochet-opedia. It says its the only crochet reference you'll ever need. Its by Julie Oparka. 

Its a really nice book. Heavy cover, it has rings instead of a spine. Its bright, the photos are great and its written clearly. 
Here are a few pics...


It has a beginner, intermediate and advanced patterns.  Its its filled with all kinds of different stitches to learn. The drawings and pictures are very clear. It absolutely tells you everything from washing, yarn weights, threads, hooks and gauges. It covers everything you need to know. As a beginner (4+ months now) these are the things that patterns don't teach you and the stuff that gets taken for granted.

This may be an old book, I don't know. Its from 2013 I see. I could care less. This is one of those keep forever books, the one you keep going back to.

See how nice? I am very happy with my $.50 book.
I love a good bargain!

Ok, here is the 2nd one I got.
It's called Learn To Crochet. It's by Sally Harding.
It says it has clear stitch diagrams and instructions.
20 projects to make.
That makes me happy, 20 projects to work on if I have no internet. I know, you never think that one morning you will wake up and no wifi but it could happen. Anyway, It says its crochet made easy for beginners.

It has a bright colorful cover. Its only 80 pages.  
Here is a quick peek...

Ooohhhhh, these pics are terrible. (quick snaps, I didn't expect you to read the pages, lol) If you did see something you were interested in, message me and I will do my best to get the pattern to you. I have to invest in a decent camera if I plan to keep chatting with all you lovies.
Off topic AGAIN :-)

I am interested in this one too. I love that its a book for beginners with cute, trendy patterns. Seriously, this book has a touch of everything for every room, accessories for you, afghans, pillows and snowflakes. 

When a pattern calls for wool or cotton it tells you that, and the benefits of it. It really goes into detail why that specific type of yarn is used, and it gives you options to use the pattern some other way. I really like it. 

Well, thats my haul for the day. I am a homebody so anytime I get out is a big deal. I would just rather stay home with my kitty and yarn. 
I am having some major stress issues at home and crocheting helps. If it wasn't for crochet, the last few weeks would have really been tough. Today has been a hard one. I hate to walk around all teary-eyed. 
Ooohhh, let's not drag the blog and good day I had with the other stuff I have going on. I try real hard to keep this blog my own. I enjoy it. I love to write. I love to crochet and share. 
I do it for me.
if I didn't have you lovies then why do it at all?

Just sharing a little of my day with you.
I love a good bargain and our local library got a good donation for 2 $.50 books. All in all, I am blessed everyday. 
Say a prayer for me.

Have a good rest of the day!
Happy Hookin!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Heart Fillet Block

Good Evening my crochet friends!

I have been working like a mad woman trying to get this heart filet block done. I am not really into hearts but this one spoke to me.  I think I am going to make a couple of each one, seam them up and make a pillow or throw for Valentine's Day, not in red or pink but in a soft camel silk sock yarn.
Its a little delicate to work with but it was perfect for this project!

I got this pattern from I'm Hooked!

Here is the link to the first heart....

Here is the second heart block with the link...

here is mine!

It's not blocked and I just finished it and snapped the picture.  The block is about 10X10 which is a great size for the block alone.  It would be beautiful in a frame with a pretty mat, or as a doily or coaster.  Placemats or runners even.  That gives me an idea I didn't think of...what about connecting them and making a Valentine Day runner for my kitchen table?
I think that would be sweet. 

I will show the other when I get it done. 
This is my 1st attempt at this heart filet.  It took me all afternoon but I have a lot on my mind and I couldn't keep up with the pattern.  Its an easy pattern but one you have to follow or your heart will be wonky. 
I think I am going to really like filet crochet. I love how the pattern appears.
I am pretty proud of it. 
Now, I can link it up!

Have a good rest of the evening.
It's crochet time!
Happy Hookin!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

If You Have A Craft Blog, Reblog This!

I have a great site for you!

If You Have A Craft Blog, Reblog This!

Let’s find each other :)
Reblog! Let’s keep it going! Reblog and follow :)
Bringing it round again~~ hopefully non-crafters can
 check out the reblog notes as well and check us
 out~maybe even follow, who knows :p
but seriously as a craft blogger I have a pitiful amount of
 crafts in my feed so I’m following any crafters that reblog

My Gran's Trivets

Good Morning my friends!
It's an early post for me.
I wanted to show you my quick project I worked on last evening. 

I spend a lot of time with my grandparents.  They are 87 and 84.  They are the light in my life.  I have spent every Sat & Sun with them since I was a child.  When I moved out and got married, I still made sure I had time for them.

My granddad is hold a special piece of my heart (he has cancer with a good prognosis) , my gran is a real lady and they taught me everything I know, feel and love.

Last time we had a holiday dinner my gran made the comment that you couldn't buy good, thick potholders and hot pads. 
Since I had not been crocheting a month (I've only been crocheting about 6 months now) I didn't tell her that I may be able to make her some.

Yesterday I was super bored.  I worked on my granny shrug but I ran out of yarn and I just don't have it in me to go get more right now.  Our "local" yarn store is over an hr away.  I don't drive.  Its almost impossible for me to buy yarn.  I am not rich.  Its hard for me to buy yarn sometimes, and if I have to buy a pattern to go with it, I'm way broke. 
If any of you are reading this and can help me find cheap yarn off the internet, I would appreciate it so much.  Since I haven't been crocheting long I don't know the best online stores.

I got off topic! AGAIN! I am good at that! Too much I want to share!

Anyway, I searched YouTube yesterday for a cute trivet and finally found one from one of my favorite blogs, Fiber Flux.
Here is the link I used....

Let me tell you, this pattern was fun for me and easy!
It was mindless crochet with a beautiful outcome in just an hr or so.  Its all done with dc and sc.  Thats it!  I am going to make a few for my house. The only suggestion I would make is they are quite small (about 6 inches). She uses a G or H hook and I went larger with a J or K.  I made one with her size hook first.  Thats the pink and ecru one.  I chose the colors from the yarn scraps I had in my bag.  They can also be used for dishcloths.

Here are my trivets....

Aren't they cute?  I just went for it and made mine all different colors. These would make a great gift.  Make a set of 6 (it might take you 2 hrs) for someone you love.  I bet they would love them.

I just adore the Lotus Blossom!
Fiber Flux has the best tutorials.

Anyway, what do ya think?
Since my gran and I have a "granddaughter date" on Thursday, I want to have a couple double thick pot holders for her as well. 
I think she will love them, and its yucky out there today so I will get something on my hook soon!
I will update when I choose a pattern, and get it worked!

If you can help me out with the yarn dilemma, let me know!  I am always looking for great deals on de-stash yarn, Idc if its Red-Heart, but I would give an eye tooth to work in some beautiful hank of hand dyed yarn.
If you have a fave cheapie shop on Etsy, Ebay, whatever! 
Let me know!
I have a skein of green and a few bits of cotton.  I just don't work with the thinner yarn very well. Sock weight, baby yarn, DK is nice but harder for me. I will be desperate for yarn soon! :-)

Thanks for being here with me this morning!
Have a great day!
Spread the crochet madness!
Happy Hookin!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Hook Case & Inspiration!

Good Morning!
I am a little under the weather today.
I have been up all night.  I think the flu is getting ready to make an appearance. 
All day yesterday I was working on a new hook case.  I had been trying to make this certain one, tearing out and starting over at least 5 times before it clicked.  It's funny how the exact same pattern, taught by someone else, worked for me this time.
Here is the link I used from AllFREECROCHET.COM
For some reason I got this one with no problem.  I guess the teacher does make a huge difference.  This is my second hook case.  The first one did not have pockets for the hooks, it just had a crocheted chain across to hold them.  Once I got the pattern down, I decided that it needed to be big.  I made 8 hook pockets, made more room on the left side, put me 2 3-D pockets, and made 2 little HDC strips along the top to put my stitch markers into.

I guess I could show you, right? (lol)


Ok, I agree its not the prettiest colors. Its Peaches & Creme Cotton in both colors.  The brown is my favorite but I'm not sure about the blue.  Oh well, its working for me.  It keeps all my little crochet bits.  Its rather long but I needed more room. 
The pockets are my own. 2 stitched together. Once I got done with the blue, I thought it needed an edging. Thats why I put the brown on. I was so excited to have it finished when I realized it had no way to close! I just chained both colors together and tied it on. Easy-Peasy!
I think it turned out nice. The colors don't show up as I would like them too but you get the basic idea.
It took me all day yesterday, and half of the day before stopping and starting the YouTube video so I could get it exactly right.  
I am thrilled with it.
I have accumulated many hooks and I needed another place to store them. So now I have 2!

I have been working on my inspiration project.

GRANNY SHRUG from Kootoyoo.

 Its a granny shrug, I posted about it a while ago.  I fell in love with it immediately.  My crochet skills were very new. (Like 2 months) Although, the pattern is easy it took me a while to actually get it started.  Well, one hex is on my hook.  It wont take long.  Here is a quick pic of my progress. Please excuse the lighting. I need a new camera.

The first pic is my granny hex.  It needs about 3 more rounds.  I have 2. Once I get them done, its just seaming them up.
The 2nd pic is the yarn I used.  I used Lion Brand Hometown.  Idk what color it is, Idh the wrapper. Its a soft black, with random colors thru it.  Its really soft and gorgeous.
One thing I have figured out.
When you start on something new read the whole pattern thru because guaranteed you'll be crocheting along and before you know it your on a row that doesn't exist.
I don't want to jinx myself. I am going to work on it today, try and get it seamed and hopefully I will have something gorgeous to put on to show you tomorrow. 
I hope you enjoyed visiting here today. I sure do appreciate it!